What you will learn

  • Restrict data

    Learn how to restrict data for different users within Power BI Desktop for your datasets.

  • Dynamic Security

    Understand how to dynamically restrict data to avoid creating numerous roles that are hard to manage and maintain.

  • Deploy and manage

    Learn how to deploy and then manage your dataset and row-level security configuration once deployed to the Power BI service.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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  • 02
    Working with RLS in Power BI Desktop
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    • Static RLS with a Single Role
    • Validate your RLS
    • Static RLS with Multiple Roles
    • Dynamic RLS with a Single Role
    • Dynamic RLS with Many to Many
  • 03
    Moving to the cloud
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    • Configure RLS in the Service
    • Using RLS with Apps
  • 04
    Beyond RLS
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    • Configure RLS for Managers / All Rows
    • RLS Performance
    • What's next
  • 05
    Next Steps...
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    • Congrats! You made it!
    • Behind the scenes
    • More resources for you
  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Adam Saxton & Patrick LeBlanc have extensive knowledge about Power BI and have been working with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack since 2004. They have both spoken at international conferences and are active in the Power BI and SQL Server communities. Guy in a Cube has been publishing videos on YouTube since 2014.

    Adam Saxton Patrick LeBlanc


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